Bowls Newsletter September 2020

Bowls Newsletter September 2020

29 Sep, 2020, 1:33 AM

September Newsletter, 2020 

Dear Elsternwick Club Members,

I do hope that this September newsletter finds all members and friends safe and well.

The lockdown continues and personally I have lost all the initial motivation I had to complete  tasks around the house. The dusting needs to be done, and the pile of ironing is growing !!     We all eagerly waited for news of the easing of some regulations on Sunday evening, but there was no easing of restrictions for bowlers or bowls’ clubs. This, along with some other restrictions, will be re-examined in three weeks.

They say a laugh a day keeps COVID  away, so here is a joke from Victor in last week’s paper.

“I’m reading a book about being happily married.

It says you should treat your wife like you did on your first date.

So after dinner I’m going to drop her back to her parent’s place.”

 Membership Fees

A reminder to those who have not yet paid their TEC subscriptions.

Membership fees were due by 1st September, 2020.

The Club is not open to accept either cash or credit card payments.

However if you haven’t paid as yet then

You may post a cheque, or

Pay using a bank transfer to:

The Elsternwick Club Inc

 Commonwealth Bank

BSB:   063 – 128

Acc :  10131929

 It is important that you type your name in the reference field, within the banking application, when you do the EFT.   

Please notify the Club, in writing, if you do not intend to renew your TEC membership



Eric Larsen

Eric and Florrie are both well. Eric was delighted to tell me that they have recently welcomed a grandson, Oscar. Eric has mown a bowling rink into his lawn and is using that to hone his bowling skills. Perhaps he is working really hard to retain his position in Terry Wallish’s rink.

 Max Flanigan

Max was not to be thwarted when the Glen Eira Council fenced off the two bowls rinks at Packer Park.  So, innovative as always, Max then had a group of members bowling in the middle of the artificial athletic track at MacKinnon. Apparently the surface needs a very wide bias, but is a great practise location for those living within it’s 5km zone.

Michael Behrendt

Michael is one of our members having regular practice sessions at MacKinnon. He says it is great experience for when we have to play games on plastic or carpet.

Greg Wood

I really feel we should possibly be running a few competitions to keep us busy during lockdown  —  especially with barbers and hairdressers still currently closed. I haven’t seen everyone, but Greg Wood would certainly be in the running for the winner of the best head of curly COVID hair. At this stage Rob O’Brien would be coming a very close second.

John Boorn, David Stephenson and John Rudolph

These three gentlemen bowlers are among the top five TEC members vying for the lead in the TEC AFL 2020 Tipping Competition. The home and away games are now finished, but Glen has held back the information on people’s choices for the last few rounds.  The winner will be announced on Grand Final Eve.

Brenda Turnbull

Brenda has been able to keep working while the majority of us are in lockdown. On a recent outing at a local supermarket, she spied the following innovative use of our logo.

With her permission I have used the photos and am announcing our first official TEC COVID – 19 Competition.  So put your thinking caps on and try to solve this puzzle.

A prize will be offered to the first member to correctly identify the owner of the bicycle –     Entry is by email only  (to Gabrielle) — first to correctly reply wins a bottle of wine.





 Helen Lee

This poem was sent to me by Helen, with a suggestion that it may bring a smile to our faces during lockdown. It is dedicated to our lady members. The author is Jan Beaumont,  from NZ.

I‘m normally a social girl, I love to meet my mates,

But lately with the virus here, we can’t go out the gates.

 You see, we are the ‘oldies’ now, we need to stay inside,

If they haven’t seen us for a while, they’ll think we’ve upped and died.

They’ll never know the things we did,  before we got this old,

There wasn’t any Facebook,  so not everything was told.

 We may seem sweet old ladies,  who would never be uncouth,

But we grew up in the 60s – if you only knew the truth!

 There was sex and drugs and rock ‘n roll, the pill and miniskirts,

We smoked, we drank, we partied, and were quite outrageous flirts.

 Then we settled down, got married, and turned into someone’s mum,

Somebody’s wife, then nana, who on earth did we become?

 We didn’t mind the change of pace, because our lives were full,

But to bury us before we’re dead, is like a red rag to a bull!

 So here you find me stuck inside, for four weeks, maybe more,

I finally found myself again, then I had to close the door!

 It didn’t really bother me, I’d while away the hour,

I’d bake for all the family, but I’ve got no bloody flour!

 Now Netflix is just wonderful, I like a gutsy thriller,

I’m swooning over Idris, or some random sexy killer.

 At least I’ve got a stash of booze, for when I’m being idle,

There’s wine and whiskey, even gin, if I’m feeling suicidal!

 So let’s all drink to lockdown, to recovery and health,

And hope this bloody virus, doesn’t decimate our wealth.

 We’ll all get through the crisis, and be back to join our mates,

Just hoping I’m not far too wide, to fit through the flaming gates!”



There were 25 members in attendance and 6 apologies for our  first ever Zoom AGM, an excellent response. It was great to see faces we haven’t seen for over 6 months.

Club Championships

At a recent Bowls Meeting it was recommended the we only play the main Championship Games this season  —  as per last season. This is due to the much shorter bowling season we will face this season. The only Championships we will be playing will be

  • Ladies’ Singles Championship
  • Men’s Singles Championship
  • Ladies’ Pairs Championship
  • Men’s Pairs Championship

This was announced to members at yesterday’s Zoom AGM.

Pennant Teams for 2020 – 2021

We have entered three Saturday and three Tuesday pennant teams for the 2020 – 2021 season.

We have also entered a team in the newly suggested Thursday 7- a -side competition.

Once again, a TEC team has been entered in the Tuesday Night Electric Light Competition, where we were so successful last season.

2019 – 2020 Club Awards

Under normal circumstances, these would have been presented on Presentation Night. When this was deferred, Plan B was to present them at the AGM.  As the Committee would like these awards presented in person, and with photos taken for the archives, Plan C is to now present these worthy recipients with their awards at either a special function, a Friday evening get together, depending on numbers permitted at the Club, on after the first Saturday pennant game. We would certainly like to do this with a few members in attendance, so that the winners are acknowledged and well applauded.

Bowls Victoria Affiliation Fees

Following the lead of many football clubs, Bowls Victoria has reduced their affiliation fees by 50%. They hope to recoup this through a Government Grant.

Coaching at TEC

Members were informed that due to financial constraints our coach, Mick Gardner will not be reappointed as our coach. Mick was thanked for his input and enthusiasm. This role will now be covered by a panel of our registered coaches.


There were over 30 members, and 6 apologies,  at The Elsternwick Club AGM, ably led by our new Chairman, Peter Bennett.

Annual Subscriptions

Members were reminded that Club subscriptions were due on 1st September. Methods of payment are shown at the start of this newsletter for those who haven’t yet paid.   Subscription costs remain at the same level as last year. For those who have researched, are annual subscriptions are considerably lower than most other comparable clubs in the area. Hardship provisions do exist for those with a genuine need.

Current Costs          

Although closed, it is still costing us approximately $20,000, each month, to run our Club. This amount includes the fees for our groundsman, bank interest, repairs and maintenance, monitoring fees,  electricity, etc. We are fortunate that Jobkeeper is covering the salaries of many staff members.     

Life Membership

Members were delighted to hear that John Boorn had been nominated for Life Membership. All agreed that John is a very worthy recipient of this award. It would take too long a time to list his many contributions to The Elsternwick Club. John was given a resounding round of applause – but it was difficult on Zoom to congratulate him personally. It has been suggested that we have a function, eg on a Sunday afternoon, to personally acknowledge John’s fine achievement.


Members were reminded of those members who have passed away since out last AGM –  George Canty, Geoffrey Budd and Ian Painter. Members present at the meeting were given a summary of each of their contributions to our Club.

Finally  —  Bowling Updates

The latest news from Bowls Victoria is   —  there is none !!

Except that it is highly unlikely that Pennant will recommence this year.

This year, when we do finally get going, we will be organizing intra club social games  —  times and dates to be advised.

Rest assured, we will inform our members as soon as roll-ups are permitted. As mentioned in prior newsletters, these roll-ups/social games will probably have to be conducted under stringent Government and BV conditions. The Elsternwick Club Bowls Committee is committed to ensuring full compliance with all COVID – 19 conditions, to ensure the health and safety of our Members.

Even if there are no pennant games before Christmas, we will organize social games at TEC as often as members request. We are all anxious to play on our new green.

Once BV confirm the Pennant dates, we will again endeavour to organize a few practice games for our members before the shortened season commences.


Stay safe,


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