Peter Bennett (Chairman) – June 2020 – Board Update

Peter Bennett (Chairman) – June 2020 – Board Update

7 Jul, 2020, 9:03 AM

Our June Board meeting was held at the end of the month and although our Club doors are still closed quite a lot is taking place behind the scenes.

We invited George O’Keefe (Liquor Compliance Consultant) to our meeting for clarification on the necessary licenses applicable to all our current and forward planned Club activities.  The discussion was very enlightening and brought our newer Board members completely up to date on our obligations.  We now intend to apply for an additional license which will embrace the latest regulations applicable, in particular to cover pre-booked functions.

Gabrielle presented her usual informative report on the Bowls Committee activities and they are obviously all keeping very busy during the Virus shutdown period.  The Committee has mapped out a very positive variety of Bowls-related events in readiness for the lifting of current restrictions, although actual dates may have to be amended.  Many of these planned events are listed on our updated website.

The improvements to our Club building/surrounds mentioned last month are now mostly completed and look great.  However, as is the case with all renovations, once one section is updated additional areas become exposed for similar attention.  This is a major recurring problem with a building as old as ours which necessitates seemingly never-ending expenditure.

Despite our Club being closed we still have a number of on-going cost commitments although Steve has managed to waive a significant number of these.  We can only hope the current restrictions will be eased in the near future and allow us to begin operation again.  The Board is closely monitoring other Clubs preparations for re-opening so we will be in full readiness.  For example, as social distancing stipulations appear likely for quite some time after start up we are looking closely at all possible floor relayout options to maximize our facilities.

Finally I would like to urge all members to really get behind our Club and make every effort to be involved in as many of our activities as possible when we recommence operations.

Take care,

Peter Bennett (Chairman)

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