Club Bowls Information

Opportunities for competitive bowls.  The Elsternwick Club plays in the following divisions;

  • Saturday Pennant; 2nd, 5th and 6th divisions.
  • Tuesday Pennant; 2nd, 4th and 5th divisions.
  • Tuesday night pennant: 2nd division.
  • Thursday 7-a-side.

For further information contact the Bowls Secretary using [email protected]

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Please use the following link to check for fixtures, results and ladders for both Saturday and Tuesday pennant.



12 November 2022 – 5th Round of BV Pennant 

Weekend Pennant  

TEC 1 – room for improvement at 7th

TEC 2 four wins sitting at 2nd with higher % than MCC top team

TEC 3 two wins at 6th although just 1 game between 2nd and 7th on ladder

Midweek Pennant  

TEC 1 – 3 wins – 2nd just one game between 7th and 2nd

TEC 2 – 3 wins – 5th just one game between 2nd and 6th

TEC 3 – 1 win – 7th one game between 8th and 4th so EARLY DAYS

Night Pennant -8 November 2022 1st ROUND SDELBA  

Elsternwick Club vs CheltOldHail – last end played, everyone watching!

Elsternwick one down on rink, one down overall – TEC 2nd drew shot 10cm behind jack – 1 up. 3rds, skips had no impact so END result 43 shots 6 points each


Dec 22


Roll up                >21m from centre front of mat to front of jack when centred

Dead Bowl          <14m from centre front of mat to nearest point of bowl (including if moved in play).

Rebounding Jack – dead      <20m centre front of mat to nearest point of jack 

Jack NOT dead             if rests on top of toucher in ditch


15 Marking a toucher

15.1 A toucher must be marked with chalk by a member of the team that delivered the bowl or the marker as soon as it comes to rest.

15.2 If, in the opinion of either skip or opponent or the marker, a toucher comes to rest in a position in which marking it would be likely to move the bowl or alter the head, the bowl must not be marked but nominated as a toucher instead.

15.3 If, before the next delivered bowl comes to rest or, in the case of the last bowl of an end, before a period of 30 seconds that applies under law 23.1, a bowl is neither marked nor nominated, it is no longer a toucher.

15.4 If a bowl has been nominated as either a toucher or a non-toucher, and both skips or the opponents in Singles agree that further movement of the bowl means it must no longer be nominated, the bowl must be marked or have its mark removed as appropriate.

15.5 If a player fails to remove a mark from a bowl before delivery and that bowl does not become a toucher, a member of the opposing team or the marker must remove the mark as soon as the bowl comes to rest.

15.6 If, in the opinion of either skip or opponent or the marker, a wrongly marked bowl comes to rest in such a position that removing the mark would be likely to move the bowl or alter the head, the mark must not be removed and the bowl must instead be nominated as a non-toucher


MEASURING promptly- rather than prolonged DISCUSSIONS prior, which adversely impacts on the finishing time.

CHOCKING a BOWL – all relevant bowls need to be chocked 30 seconds AFTER last bowl stops prior to measuring – if not and it falls while measuring bad luck unless the umpire is called – then the UMPIRE can chock a bowl prior to measuring